Enriched Curriculum | Camp Mohawk

Our enriched curriculum combines language and literacy development, math concepts, hands-on science activities, cultural awareness, creative arts and outdoor and indoor play. Our staff includes two full-time music teachers, a foreign language specialist, a physical education teacher and a computer specialist.

The program is carefully balanced between teacher-directed and child-centered activities. School days include a comfortable mix of structure and play, with daily projects, snacks, stories and circle times, and activities that introduce children to basic science, language and math concepts.
What makes our curriculum unique?

  • A DAILY music program (in fully-equipped music rooms) that includes sing-alongs, holiday concerts, beginning instruments, piano for K-1 students and an amazing, fun-filled introduction to Classical composers.
  • A physical education program, taught in an indoor gym and on outdoor fields.
  • An introduction to computers for 4- and 5-year-olds, held in our own dedicated Computer Lab.
  • An exploration of Mohawk’s farm site, with our year-round animal farm, grape arbor for making jelly, orchard for apple-picking and maple trees for tapping syrup.
  • And age-appropriate exposure to foreign languages and cultures.


A Word about Our Kindergarten and 1st Grade Programs

Mohawk offers several age- and developmentally-appropriate Kindergarten and First Grade classes, which accommodate each child’s learning pace and style.
Our Mini-Kindergarten class is designed for children eligible for Kindergarten who could benefit from additional preparation and maturing. Our Young Kindergarten class offers families time to determine whether their child should move into a First Grade or a Kindergarten the following year. Finally, our traditional and highly enriched Kindergarten/First Grade class offers more advanced opportunities for children who qualify.
Mohawk Country Day School is chartered by the State of New York, and children who successfully complete our program readily progress to excellent public and private elementary schools.

Our Programs

Independent 2s Tu/Wed/Thur 9:15 – 12:00
Preschool Half-Day 3 days: Tue-Thu, 9:10-12:10 OR
5 days: Mon-Fri, 9:10-12:10
Preschool Mini-Day Mon-Fri, 9:10-2:00
Mini-Kindergarten Mini-Day Mon-Fri, 9:10-2:00
Young Kindergarten Full-Day Mon-Fri, 9:10-3:00
Kindergarten/First Grade Full-Day Mon-Fri, 9:10-3:00
After-School Enrichment for Mini-Day Programs 3 days: Tue-Thu, 2:00-4:00 OR
5 days: Mon-Fri, 2:00-4:00
After-School Enrichment for Full-Day Programs 5 days: Mon-Fri, 3:00-4:00

Tuition for all Mini-Day and Full-Day programs can include lunch. All students receive a daily snack.

Can children from NYC attend Mohawk’s school year program?

Absolutely! Mohawk provides pick-up-point transportation from both Upper East and Upper West Side locations for a trip that takes about 30-40 minutes. Busses leave NYC about 8:15 AM and leave Mohawk about 2:15 PM. Mohawk Country Day School students often move on to prestigious private schools in Westchester, Riverdale, Connecticut and NYC, as well as top-rated public school systems. Interested families should call (914) 949-2635 or email info@mohawkcountrydayschool.com to arrange an information session and tour with our School Director Kim Ross.