Learning Through Play | Camp Mohawk
Mommy and Me for 2s!

Many times when parents visit a classroom, they walk away thinking that the children were “just playing”. This is why it is so important to get the message across…the way children learn best is through play! As children navigate their day, they acquire necessary skills through exploration, trial and error. Here are some areas of skill development that we focus on in our Toddler’s program:

Language Arts: (books, flannel boards, conversation)
  • Increases vocabulary;
  • Develops listening skills;
  • Develops reading readiness skills;
  • Develops oral/spoken language skills;
  • Encourages an interest in and respect for books;
  • Develops imagination;
  • Increases attention span
Blocks and Building Materials:
  • Develops gross and fine motor skills;
  • Teaches mathematical concepts: size, shape, balance, counting;
  • Increases creativity and decision-making skills;
  • Provides opportunity for cooperative play/development of social skills;
  • Develops visual discrimination skills;
  • Provides an opportunity for role play;
  • Increases communication skills
Housekeeping and Dramatic Play:
  • Increases social development and communication skills;
  • Provides an opportunity to role play;
  • Develops small and large motor skills;
  • Develops self-awareness;
  • Develops imagination
  • Provides opportunities for creativity and imagination;photo (2)
  • Develops fine motor skills;
  • Develops color concepts/recognition;
  • Provides a release of positive and negative emotions;
  • Develops pre-writing skills;
  • Develops reading readiness skills;
  • Encourages an appreciation for the arts
Sand and Water Table:
  • Develops concepts involving space, measurement, volume;
  • Increases fine and gross motor skills;
  • Provides opportunities for problem solving and creative thinking;
  • Encourages children to think, reason, question and experiment;
  • Provides opportunities for parallel and cooperative play
Manipulatives: puzzles and other fine motor toys
  • Develops small muscle coordination;
  • Increases social development;
  • Increases communication skills;
  • Fosters imagination;
  • Teaches mathematical concepts: shape, size, counting;
  • Provides opportunities for problem solving;
  • Develops visual discrimination
Outdoor Play:
  • Develops large muscle coordination;
  • Increases social development;
  • Increases communication skills;
  • Provides an opportunity for sharing/cooperative play;
  • Fosters body and safety awareness;
  • Provides opportunities for role playNETWORKS
Nature and Science:
  • Develop a respect for the environment;
  • Encourages curiosity;
  • Develops observation and discrimination skills;
  • Provides opportunities for problem solving
  • Improves mathematical skills;
  • Develops listening skills;
  • Encourages self-expression;
  • Provides an opportunity for movement/large motor development
Small Motor Activities:
  • Sensory table with: shaving cream; playdough/cutters & rollers;
  • Markers/crayones: dot markers; stamps/ink pads
  • Shape Sorting: large beads for stringing; puzzles; circle, square, triangle shapes; various size and colors;
  • Painting: large tabletop for group painting; easel w/ 1 or 2 colors; q-tips; marble painting; sponges; large paintbrushes
Large Motor Activities:
  • Copy Cat: march, tiptoe, walk, jog in place, etc;
  • Dancing: put music on and just let them dance;
  • Ball Skills: sit in circle and roll ball back and forth…build to kicking/throwing;
  • Parachute
  • Tunnels
  • Songs with fingerplay or actions
  • Scarves
  • Bubbles