Program Goals | Camp Mohawk

Mommy and Me for 2s!

Our main goal is for children to have fun and develop the desire and tools to learn

  • Socialization: move from parallel play to playing with peers, sharing, work on self-control;
  • Language Development: by modeling good language skills, we teach children to communicate;
  • Large Motor Skills: indoors & outdoors… running, jumping, kicking a ball, rolling and catching a ball, walking up/down stairs;
  • Fine Motor Skills: drink from a cup, turn a door knob, put coat on and take it off, turn pages of a book one at a time, use pincer grasp to pick up small objects, roll/pound/squeeze play dough, build 4 block tower;
  • Following Directions: develop listening skills so that child can follow simple one-two step directions;
  • Pre-Academics: expose children to shapes, colors, numbers 1-5, body parts;
  • Music/Finger Play: daily;
  • Separation: take it slowly;
  • Toilet Training: sometimes it takes a village…