Testimonials | Camp Mohawk

Mommy and Me for 2s!

“My daughter had a wonderful experience at Mohawk’s Mommy & Me. She loved her teachers and thrived on the well-planned activities – be it the art projects, her gym class, or walking to the farm to visit and feed the animals.

Months later, she is still singing songs she learned from her music classes and asking to go back to her “farm school”. The teachers, and everyone at Mohawk, created a very warm, welcoming, relaxed but engaging atmosphere for my daughter to learn and begin socializing with other kids. It was a very positive introduction to preschool, that I’m sure will have a long lasting positive impact on her feelings about school. Months later, she is still singing songs she learned and asking to go back to her ‘Farm school’.”

– Sarita

“My daughter and I really enjoyed our time at Mommy & Me this past year. My daughter loved all the new experiences the program had to offer. The teachers are so welcoming we both felt at ease doing as much or little as her two year-old mood would dictate! My daughter had a great introduction to socialization and developed solid friendships with other children in the program. She has been out of school for a few months now and still talks about Mommy & Me everyday! I look forward to her returning in the fall for the three year-old and feel at ease knowing how much she enjoyed her time at Mohawk.”


– Kyle

“The Mommy & Me Program was wonderful for my son, who was not quite old enough for a separation program, but needed somestructured activities to prepare him for his school experience. The teachers, activities offered, and classroom setting at Mohawk are wonderful. Being able to walk down to the farm to feed the animals was an extra special treat that not many schools can offer. My son had an amazing experience that helped prepare him for preschool”

– Lauren

“Before participating in “Mommy & Me” I was apprehensive about being a father and feeling out of place. The staff and mothers made me feel comfortable immediately. The activities were of a nature where I felt as engaged as my daughter. The entire experience was enjoyable from the first day to the last.”

– John-Paul