Clothes & Gear | Camp Mohawk
Mohawk is not a “uniform” camp. It is not mandatory to wear a Mohawk t-shirt every day, but most campers do wear one on picture day and visiting day.


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Campers should bring, labeled and in a backpack/bag brought to and from camp daily:

  • 2 swimsuits (half-day campers only need one). Bring swim gear even on rainy or cool days, so we can swim if the weather clears! You do NOT need to send swim towels – Mohawk provides daily towel service.
  • 1 comb and/or brush.
  • Rain gear (if forecast is for rain).
  • Sunscreen (SPF 15+ suggested), applied after each swim and throughout the day as needed.
  • Parents should apply sunscreen to children in the morning before camp!
  • 1 sweatshirt or light jacket for cool days.
  • Sneakers (with backs) are required because they provide the best support and protection for activities. For campers’ safety, sandals, “Crocs” and flip-flops may not be worn in camp. Campers wear sneakers to and from the pools.

Campers should NOT bring:

  • ANY food or drink – we have children with severe allergies at camp and do not allow outside food or drink.
  • Water bottles – The Westchester County Dept. of Health strongly discourages their use because campers lend them to friends, which can transmit disease. Also, water kept in these bottles can breed bacteria.
  • Expensive items, e.g., cell phones, iPods, handheld video games, jewelry, watches.
  • Inexpensive items of personal value, e.g., valuable trading cards, stickers, favorite toys, etc.
  • Bats, hockey & lacrosse sticks, or tennis racquets – sports equipment will be provided to campers.
Lost & Found: Although we make every effort to find lost items, we cannot be responsible for lost clothing or other personal items at camp. This is why we strongly suggest you put your child’s name on everything and leave valuables at home!