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Mohawk Tees & Other Gear

Though Mohawk does not require a “Camp uniform”, most campers wear “Mohawk Gear.” Click here to order shirts, hats, sweatshirts or other items through Land’s End.

 You can call Land’s End directly at 1-800-995-8711.

  • Mohawk clothes for the summer! – Click Here
    • To Navigate the site efficiently, look at the Bottom Left Corner for the Blue and Orange “PACKING LIST” (on top of the picture of children at the pool).  The “Essential Tee” selection will pop up.  (There is a printable packing list on the right.  That list does not have hyperlinks to the shirts.)
      • NOTE: Shirts selected from the Packing List automatically come with the Mohawk Logo on the front.  No additional steps are necessary for these.  Other items require additional steps to have the Mohawk Logo added.
      • Quick links:  Click to go directly to Mohawk Tees:  Girls T-Shirt  and Boys T-Shirt
    • Parents who wish to explore other Mohawk Gear should go to the Upper Left Corner and click on BOYS/MENS or GIRLS/WOMEN. 

Authorizing Adults to Pick Up your Camper

  • Click Here for Instructions
  • Click Here to go to Secure Site to Assign Authorized Adults and Passwords

Parents provide Mohawk with a password or pass-phrase that we will use to identify you or others you designate to pick up your camper.  This is a secure system that enables you to update and change passphrase as often as you would like without having to contact the office.  Note:  Only create ONE Authorized Adult.  Mohawk uses the passphrase rather than the name of individuals to determine who is authorized to pick campers up.

Use the “Notes” field to give yourself (or relative, friend or neighbor) a hint in case you forget!

Note: This is the same location that you will go to during the summer to securely view photos of your camper and his or her group!


Uploading a Photo of your Child

Help your Counselors learn your camper’s name – and face! – before the first day of camp by uploading a (secure!) photo of your camper.  Use the same instructions as above – you can upload a photo in the same place that you authorize adults to pick up your child.

  • Click Here to go to Secure Site to Upload your child’s photo