FAQs | Camp Mohawk

What are the dates for Mohawk’s Main Camp for Summer 2017?

Monday, June 26th through Friday, August 18st. There is no camp on Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th.

How does Mohawk prepare children for the first day of camp?

Before camp starts, Mohawk hosts our “Spring into Camp” event in May, and then two Open House days in June for all enrolled campers – one for preschoolers and another for older campers. Along with a host of fun activities, families meet their child’s Head Counselor, as well as our Directors, Division Directors, Nurses and Camp Dietician. Preschool campers will also have an opportunity to practice for their first day by taking a bus trip around the block with mom or dad, and then by themselves as parents wave goodbye for their ninety-second ride. Campers under the age of 4 or under 40 lbs will be fitted for a car seat during their Open House day.

Prior to the first day of camp, you will receive medical forms to fill out, a Mohawk backpack for your camper, and a Parent Handbook giving you all the information needed about what to wear, what to bring to camp, important policies and procedures, etc. (See the Parent Handbook here). Finally, before camp starts, a bus monitor will visit you at home so that your child knows the first smiling face he or she will see on the first day!

How are groups structured? And how does Mohawk group its campers?

Every group is led by a Head Counselor and four or five General Counselors, each of whom supervises between four and nine children depending upon the campers’ age. These “Subgroups” are designed to provide deeper one-on-one attention and mentoring for each child. Children within an overall group are with one another most of each day. At activities, including swim, groups are broken down further for small-group instruction.

Mohawk carefully groups children based on age, grade, home address, school and whether they are new or returning campers. Please feel free to call our office if you have questions about grouping.

Can my child be placed in the same group as a friend?

Campers may request to be grouped with one other camper within the overall group. It is not always possible (nor is it typically important to campers) to put friends in the same subgroup. An important reason for coming to Mohawk is the joy of making new friends! Please note that campers in the same overall group will spend most of their day together, regardless of subgroup divisions.

Does Mohawk Day Camp have a uniform?

Before camp begins, you will receive a catalogue from the company that supplies Mohawk’s clothing. Most of our families choose to have their campers wear camp shirts and shorts, although we do not require it. However, we do ask that you have at least one Mohawk shirt to wear for picture day.

What if I need to bring my camper in late, or want to pick him/her up early?

No problem! If you need to bring your child in late, just stop by the office when you arrive. We’ll sign you in and have a staff member walk your camper to his or her group. Make sure to call your Bus Counselor that morning (or better yet, the day before!) so that they don’t come for your morning pick-up.

If you need to pick your child up early, we ask that you call our office with at least two hours notice so your child’s Head Counselor can arrange for a Group Counselor to bring your child to the office at the appropriate time, and so we can notify the Bus Counselor that your child will not be on the bus that afternoon. When you arrive at Mohawk, please have your password ready so we can readily release your child to you.

Adults other than Mom or Dad – a babysitter, grandparent or friend – may pick your camper up only if you call yourself to authorize this. They must also have your family password. Your child’s safety and security is our top priority!

I want to ask one of my child’s counselors to babysit / My child would like a playdate with one of his or her camp friends. How do I arrange this?

We love to see relationships built at camp blossom “in the real world!” Please feel free to call our office and we will be happy to pass along your request to the staff member or parent in question. Once we get their “okay,” we’ll connect you.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or issues?

The Mohawk office is open Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. In most cases, a camper’s Head Counselor or a Swim Director is the best person with whom to talk, because they work most closely with your child. Since their primary responsibility during the camp day is to supervise campers, however, please leave a message with our office. They will call you back when there is a gap in their schedule. Of course, our Director Adam Wallach, as well as your camper’s Division Director, are also available to assist families.

What if my child is a “picky” eater?

Mohawk’s varied and nutritious meals, which include one cook-out and one pizza day a week, are planned by our chefs with children’s tastes in mind. In the event that your child is a picky eater, we always have plenty of options. Head Counselors serve lunch daily to ensure that every child finds something that he or she likes, including one of our 14 daily alternative choices such as sandwiches, yogurt, bagels and pasta!

How are campers placed in swim groups?

Campers are placed in small swim groups at the start of camp based on their abilities as determined by a Water Safety Instructor. Remember, campers often need time to shake off the “winter swim rust,” and many will change their swim group during the summer. Campers make tremendous progress through the camp season, and each is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace.

What is the Deep Water Test?

Our deep water test is designed to ensure that campers are safe and comfortable in deep water, and it is conducted by a qualified Water Safety Instructor. Campers must be able to swim the width of the pool comfortably (without struggling) using the crawl, return using a backstroke and tread water comfortably for one minute.

Campers who passed the deep water test during the previous camp season may need time to progress to deep water again. Some who may swim in deep water at home or at a club might not be ready for our deep water requirements – which are designed to ensure our campers’ safety.

Often, campers who pass a deep water test will continue to have instruction in shallow water because the best teaching is done when an instructor is in the water with the camper. In these situations, campers are brought to deep water for specific instruction or for a free swim opportunity.

What happens on rainy days?

Our goal for rainy days is to make camp even more fun and creative than regular days! If there is a short rain during a camp day, groups have activities either in indoor facilities or in their Headquarters, and Activity Specialists visit them. During longer rains, Mohawk has a special “Rainy Dayz” program, where we group indoor areas and tents into “zones” that enable campers to move between active and creative activities.

“Rainy Dayz” are when Archery specialists create an indoor (magnetic) Dart World, Woodshop staff drums up the “Woodshop Symphony,” tents turn into huge spider webs where campers design their own paper maché spiders and Mohawk’s Pavilion & Big Top host Monster Basketball!

What happens on very hot days?

Mohawk prepares for very hot days with as much zeal and care as it does for rainy days. Campers move to shaded, modified activities, where they might learn to dribble a basketball with a wet foam Frisbee on their heads, enjoy sponge-toss relays or do face painting with watercolors and ice cubes. Camp becomes filled with “raining trees,” misters and powerful outdoor air conditioners, and everyone drinks plenty of water throughout the day. When the temperature REALLY soars, Mohawk doubles swim periods and may even have an impromptu “Wet ‘n Wild” Day!

And Mohawk has a Foam Factory! Imagine bubbles so high and thick that you can literally walk through them, pick up an armload and throw them into the air. The Foam Factory billows out loads and loads of (hypoallergenic) suds, a cooling treat on hot camp days.

Are the busses air-conditioned?


Can I visit my camper at Mohawk?

Of course! Campers in preschool through 2nd grade have a formal, scheduled Visiting Day, and those who are older can have family members visit anytime throughout the summer. We recommend that you call ahead and arrange your visit with your child’s Head Counselor, so that they can plan for your visit. As always, check in at the office first to get your visitor’s badge.

What if my child has severe allergies and/or an Epi-Pen?

Many parents choose Mohawk specifically because of the precautions we take to protect children with allergies. We understand that many allergies can be life-threatening and, as always, Mohawk never compromises when it comes to the safety of our campers.

As a “Nut Aware” camp, Mohawk checks the ingredients of every food we serve at camp to ensure that they are free of tree nuts, peanuts, and nut oils, and that they were not manufactured in facilities which use them. Campers, parents and even staff are not allowed to bring food onto campus without the approval of our nutritionist.

Campers who have Epi-Pens keep two at camp. One stays in our Nurse’s office, and a second is transported on the bus to and from camp by bus counselors, who are Epi-Pen trained, in a special camper-specific pouch.

We encourage parents to contact Mohawk with any and all questions about our detailed procedures and safeguards for protecting campers with allergies. Mohawk wishes for every child to have the safest and most productive summer possible!