Mohawk Sports Path | Camp Mohawk


As part of our new expanded electives, we are proud to introduce Mohawk SportsPath! Now, campers who love sports and are entering 2nd through 8th grades can create their own HALF or FULL DAY sports “Camp-Within-a-Camp” at Mohawk!

What is Mohawk SportsPath?

SportsPath is an expanded set of electives for campers who seek a true sports immersion experience for either a half or a full camp day.

While all campers entering 2nd grade and older have week-long elective periods with many awesome choices (including varied sports), Mohawk SportsPath provides even more focused sports instruction.

How Does SportsPath Work?

Campers can choose to be a part of any number of SportsPath “Sessions” which last either one or two weeks. Campers can also select between a Half Day of SportsPath, which will include two sports electives, or a Full Day which will include four. Campers selecting a Half Day will spend the other portion of their day with their group and the full varied Mohawk program.

Each elongated SportsPath elective period will focus on a single sport for the duration of the SportsPath Session, and will be taught by top local coaches along with college and high school varsity athletes.

Campers Choose!

If I join SportsPath, can I….

Join SportsPath for some one- or two-week sessions, and enjoy Mohawk’s renowned all-around program for other weeks?


Focus on my favorite sports for half of the day, then rejoin my group for swim, sports, arts, adventure and more?


Spend all day getting top sports instruction and gameplay?


Other Questions About SportsPath

Will my coaching in SportsPath be at my ability level?

Yes! Coaches will provide instruction specific to each camper’s ability

Will I get to swim if I choose SportsPath?

Yes! Campers choosing SportsPath will have one daily swim instead of Mohawk’s traditional two swims

Is SportsPath the only way to get great sports electives at Mohawk?

No! Campers entering 2nd grade and older get a fantastic variety of electives, including sports electives. Each year campers get more choice, and Senior Campers customize half of their day. SportsPath is specifically designed to create longer choice periods with more specialized instruction for those who want more sports!

Is there an extra charge to be part of Mohawk’s SportsPath?

No! Like other Mohawk electives, SportsPath is included in our tuition!