Testimonials | Camp Mohawk

From a former camper, now a staff member:
“I want to be a counselor at Mohawk because I still remember my bus route to camp by heart. Because I remember what it felt like to wear a green band when I went swimming… Because I remember ordering buttered bagels when we had Sloppy Joes for lunch… Because I can still remember the composers in chronological order, thanks to Mr. B… Because I still use the rabbit bank I made in woodshop… Because I remember waiting all day to get to play Ga-Ga… Because I remember helping my counselor carry two pitchers of Kickapoo juice from the kitchens to the big tent for snack time… Because I remember doing interpretive dance on the dance platform near the lunch area, seeing the counselors eating lunch and wanting to be them. I want to be a Mohawk counselor because I want each and every kid to walk away from the summer with the same great memories that I have of my days at Mohawk.”

From another former camper, now a staff member:
“As a child, I truly had great experiences during my years attending Mohawk Day Camp. My favorite counselor was when I was an Onondaga [entering 3rd grade]. I was a shy child, and she taught me to confront my fear of going to the Drama tent. She also taught me that trying new (and sometimes scary) things can open up a whole new world of possibilities. I am no longer that shy little girl, and look forward to helping other shy children come out of their shells.”

From a former camper:
“I just wanted to let you know how much Mohawk Day Camp means to me. I attended Mohawk from 1967-1971. One of the kids I met in 1968 has been my best friend for 31 years. We often reminisce about Mohawk Day Camp. It’s where we caught our first butterflies. It’s where we learned how to swim and play baseball. It’s where we made our first wooden sailboat. It’s where we had our first cookout. It’s where we watched Batman land in a helicopter. It’s where we learned how to be kids. I am now a Professor at Arizona State University, as is my wife. I only wish we lived back East so that our two little girls could experience the joy that Mohawk Day Camp brings to all.”