CITs (14-15) | Camp Mohawk

Leadership Training Program for 14- and 15-year-old campers.

What better environment is there to learn important life skills than at camp?

Mohawk’s Leadership Training Program combines the fun of being a camper with a strong preparation for early work experiences. Our CAs (Counselor Assistants, age 14) and CITs (Counselors-in-Training, age 15) spend part of their day enjoying Mohawk’s range of activities and part of their day learning about responsibility and professionalism by assisting in specialty areas and with other camp jobs. Under the expert guidance of an experienced Mohawk Division Director, our CAs and CITs are “in-training” for future job opportunities. Over the course of the summer, CAs and CITs rotate to different areas, so they learn across many settings.

Our Leadership Training Program offers teens:

  • Peer and supervisory discussions with constructive performance feedback
  • Team-building activities that teach communication, trust and problem-solving
  • Confidence and self-esteem built through effort, accomplishment and acceptance
  • Guidance on how to navigate the difficult social challenges of young adulthood
  • Job-skill preparation, from interviewing to contributing to team goals




CAs and CITs don’t miss out on the fun! They spend a portion of each day enjoying Mohawk’s games, swimming, sports, arts and electives. They have special field trips, a late night at Mohawk, volleyball and Ga-Ga tournaments, pool games and their own dedicated group lunch and socializing space.

How to get involved:

Interested teens must arrange an interview with our Directors and have the maturity necessary to be accepted into this group.

Please email for more information.

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