Electives | Camp Mohawk

Campers of all ages love to make choices. Mohawk’s primary mission is to provide children with positive exposures to a mix of physical and creative activities. We supplement these with opportunities for campers to customize portions of their schedules. As campers grow, so do their number of choice periods and their ever-expanding Electives possibilities.



Preschool campers have occasions in their schedule to select between two choices while still being supervised by their Head and General Counselors. They may pick, for example, between one of two sports or between a craft and a sport.


Campers entering Kindergarten and 1st Grade have more opportunities to make choices, with more frequent chances to select which sport or craft to choose. Groups stay together in a specific area to ensure that each camper is supervised by his or her own Head and General Counselors.

Campers entering 2nd grade begin Mohawk’s formal Elective Program, where they concentrate on a self-selected specialty for a week at a time in an elongated period. Choices include many traditional camp activities such as Tennis, Archery, Gymnastics and Woodshop, as well as expanded choices such as Leatherworking and Board Game Creation.



Choices continue to expand as campers get older, with Leagues, Drama, Balloon Animals and Sports Intensives with guest coaches. In addition, campers entering 3rd grade enjoy a “Camp-within-a-Camp,” where they choose focused half-day activities for one or two weeks during the summer. Past selections have included Circus Arts (complete with an evening performance), Advanced Soccer and Baseball, Doll-making, Aeronautics and Paleontology!




When campers enter Senior Camp, they customize half of each day as they select hour-long Option and Elective Clubs. These choices change weekly so campers can both explore and specialize. Senior Campers play golf with an option to visit a driving range, become stars of their own Rock Videos and join Multi-sport Leagues. Click here for more about Senior Camp.

Different age campers select from different sets of electives. Examples of electives include:

  • Music Video Creation
  • Dog-Training
  • Robotics
  • League Sports
  • Junior Lifeguard Training
  • Circus Arts
  • Farm Care
  • Cooking
  • Dollmaking and Puppetry
  • Freaky Science
  • Cheerleading
  • Computer Animation
  • Fencing
  • Spy Academy
  • Video Yearbook Production
  • Wilderness Skills
  • Calligraphy
  • Red Cross Babysitter Training
  • Chess and more!