June Pre-Camp | Camp Mohawk

 Ages 3 – 12

Why wait until the end of June to start the fun? Mohawk Day Camp is excited to introduce Pre-Camp @ Mohawk, a unique pre-season camp experience!

Dates and Times
Monday -Friday
June 10-21

Full-Day 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Mini-Day 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

What activities will be offered at Pre-Camp?

Pre-Camp will give a taste of the array of exciting activities for which Mohawk is known, including two daily recreational swims, a variety of sports, crafts, music, adventure activities and nature. Campers will also take Train Rides down to the farm, ride Preschool Bikes & Turbo-bikes (pedal go-karts), climb Networks, slide the Water Luge and play Mini-Golf. Finally, Pre-Camp will have dress-up days, surprises and special events too!

Naturally, Pre-Camp can’t offer Mohawk’s full range of activities, since that requires our complete staff, but campers will be treated to an exciting mix that will provide children with a unique experience designed just for them!

Can my child attend Pre-Camp if he/she is new to Mohawk, or not attending the main camp?


Pre-Camp is open to current Mohawk campers and non-campers alike. You do not need to be attending our main camp program to come to Pre-Camp.

Will lunch and snacks be provided to campers?

Yes. A hot lunch will be provided each day. Children will enjoy nutritious, child-friendly meals with plenty of daily alternatives. They will also have snacks daily, with our famous “Kickapoo” (100% fruit) juice.

Are partial sessions available for Pre-Camp @ Mohawk?

No, due to the popularity of the Pre-Camp program, there is only one full session of Pre-Camp. Registration is limited and is first come, first served.

Is there bus service for Pre-Camp?

Transportation is not provided for Pre-Camp, except for campers from NYC (at common pickup and dropoff points).

I still have more questions about Pre-Camp. What should I do?

Our Directors are happy to answer any questions. We encourage you to contact us at (914) 949-2635 or info@campmohawk.com. If you are new to Mohawk, schedule a time to come visit us!