Why Mohawk? | Camp Mohawk

Mohawk Day Camp is committed to enriching children’s lives through friendship, learning and play. For 80 years, generations of children ages 3 through 14 have had unforgettable summers mentored by a remarkable, mature staff in an environment of inclusiveness and exploration.

So Why Do Families Choose Mohawk?


Groups & Programs Led by Over 100 Teachers Who Love Camp!

One out of four Mohawk staff members is a teaching professional who mixes mature leadership with creative energy. With an average camp tenure of 11 years and a nearly 90% return rate, Mohawk has developed a culture, cohesiveness and community rarely found in camping. And this leadership staff is, of course, complemented by an outstanding group of General Counselors, Assistant Specialists and Swim Staff who support every camper’s growth.


Unparalleled Facilities

Many families are surprised that an expansive, beautiful property dedicated to the enrichment of children is nestled in the middle of White Plains and so close to New York City. With 40 acres, eight heated swimming pools, nearly unlimited field space and a multitude of activity areas designed for all different ages, Mohawk offers unique opportunities for learning, adventure and play.


Dynamic Programs that Grow with Your Child

Mohawk balances swim, sports, arts, performance, nature and adventure into programs that capture the imaginations and interests of campers at every age. From our Little Camp where early childhood specialists create a gentle introduction to Mohawk’s world of discovery to our Senior Camp where campers independently customize half of their day with electives, Mohawk infuses every activity with age-appropriate exuberance and challenge.


Tradition & Core Values

Camp has the potential to provide children with truly meaningful growth – to teach personal values, social skills, the importance of cooperation and teamwork, an enthusiasm for activity and a belief in one’s ability to succeed. At camp, fun is the tool through which we teach. And through fun, we are proud to have taught generations of campers not only physical and creative skills, but life skills that have helped define them.


Safe, Secure & Nurturing Focus

At Mohawk, we understand that campers must feel secure to learn, enjoy and grow. So in addition to our uncompromising safety standards across camp, we focus on creating a nurturing, supportive environment where every child feels a sense of belonging. Camp should be a second home where children are eager to participate, learn, try their best, build confidence, express themselves and explore.