Daily Hot Lunch

Daily Hot Lunch

When you were a camper, lunch was never like this! In addition to our tasty, nutritious hot lunch cooked on site daily by Flik Independent School Dining, we also offer campers a BBQ at our Cookout Corral and a pizza party at our Pizza Café once a week. Everyone is served family-style, except for our Senior Campers, who enjoy a lunch buffet.

And picky eaters? We have LOTS of experience with picky eaters!

Head Counselors serve lunch daily to ensure that every child finds something that he or she likes, including one of our 14 daily alternative choices such as sandwiches, yogurt, bagels and pasta.


Campers have snacks every afternoon, including a sweet or salty treat. Special Days mean ice pops or ice cream! Counselors at Mohawk are constantly aware of the need to keep their campers hydrated, especially on hot days. Water is always available during the day, and there are water fountains and water coolers throughout camp.

We are a nut-free camp, so peanut butter, peanuts and tree nut products are not offered or permitted on our campus.