Meet Our Team

Mohawk’s reputation has been built by the exceptional team of Administrators, Division Directors, Head Counselors, General Counselors and Activity Specialists who return to us year after year.

We create layers of adult supervision with a staff that includes more than 100 teaching professionals who are selected for their mature judgment, playful spirit and commitment to our mission of child development. The experienced educators who lead every camp group and specialty area are supported by a hand-selected group of exceptional counselors, many of whom were Mohawk campers themselves!

Mohawk’s counselors are carefully screened and chosen for their warmth, enthusiasm, experience with children and demonstrated responsibility. Mohawk counselors understand their important role as mentors. They gently encourage campers to explore and try, and they help children to learn to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Our counselors are trained to identify and meet the needs of individual children, as well as to develop spirited and cohesive groups.

Adam Wallach
Adam Wallach Camp Director
Sheryl Dale
Sheryl Dale Assistant Director
Rebecca Weinstein
Rebecca Weinstein Assistant Director
Brigett Lummel
Brigett Lummel Director of Transportation & Engagement
Andy Halpern
Andy Halpern Director of Staff Development & Hiring
Ken "KB" Barer Associate Director / Athletic Director
Stacey Kurtis
Stacey Kurtis Parent Communication Specialist
Steve Rappaport
Steve Rappaport Mohawk Transportation Authority
Jerri Avallone
Jerri Avallone Staff Recruitment Specialist
Amy Green
Amy Green Parent Relations
Heatherlyn Ingenito
Heatherlyn Ingenito Event Manager
Alison Berg
Alison Berg Community Relations Coordinator
Kim Ross
Kim Ross Division Director - Preschool
Monica Weber
Monica Weber Division Director - Preschool
Jeff Siegel
Jeff Siegel Division Director - Lower Boys
Stacy Fertile
Stacy Fertile Division Director - Senior Girls
Seth Links
Seth Links Division Director - Senior Boys
Pat D'Agostino
Pat D'Agostino Division Director - Upper Girls
Brett Gold
Brett Gold Division Director - Upper Boys