Farm and Nature

Campers have an unrivaled opportunity to study nature at Mohawk. They are surrounded by a true country environment (right in the middle of White Plains!), with our year-round animal farm, stables, butterfly and vegetable gardens, apple orchard and grape arbor. The setting is completed by expansive fields, stately trees, winding rock walls (many remaining from the original farm) and charming flowerbeds.

Our farm is filled with ducks, alpacas, horses, goats, and chickens. Campers have regular opportunities to take nature walks to the farm where they can visit and feed the animals and learn from our knowledgeable farm staff.

Our renowned nature programs instill in children a fascination with the world around them as well as providing hands-on teaching about creatures such as bunnies, chinchillas, snakes, butterflies, frogs, chameleons and giant tortoises. With programs tailored to different ages and interests, our skilled Naturalists combine storytelling, puppetry, games, scavenger hunts and projects as they introduce campers to the natural wonders around us.