Counselor Assistants and Staff-in-Training

A Leadership Training Program for 14 and 15-year-olds

Mohawk’s Leadership training program combines the fun of being a camper with strong preparation for early work experiences. The main focus of the program is for campers to be able to transition to camp employees. There is a realness to this experience, as it is a rite of passage. This program will encourage participants to gain responsibility, develop independence, realize the benefits of teamwork, and promote a willingness to try new things.


Counselor Assistant (CA) – age 14 by the start of camp

CAs will be introduced to leadership, specific job related, and other employment skills. CAs will work in a supporting role in specialty areas and assist other staff members on camp.

CAs will receive additional support in working with children, effective communication, problem-solving, time management and how to manage peer relations with coworkers.

Counselor Assistants will be:

  • Assigned to a specific job for both morning and afternoon.
  • Placed in positions that are rotated weekly to give them a broader range of experiences and differentiate their role from SITs.
  • Evaluated by Head Counselors or Head Specialists, as well as by the overseer of the CA program.
  • Scheduled to meet daily as a group for lunch.
  • Required to participate weekly in a 30-minute leadership/team bonding activity.
  • Given the opportunity to join Senior Camp during the afternoon “Flextime” activities, including swim, gaga, lanyard, games, and crafts.


Staff-in-Training (SIT) – age 15 by the start of camp

The SIT program is designed to develop individual leadership qualities, job-related experience, and general employment skills through various experiences at camp. SITs will have responsibilities similar to, and work in conjunction with, other Mohawk staff members. They will receive additional support and guidance while working with children, problem-solving, learning how to give and accept feedback, and how to manage peer relations with coworkers.

The goal of the SIT program is to prepare the candidate for future employment opportunities in the workplace, with the possibility of securing a future summer job with Mohawk Day Camp.

Staff-in-Training will be:

  • Required to participate in a pre-camp interview process.
  • Assigned to younger-aged camp groups (i.e. pre-school and lower camp) or the Aquatics program.
  • Required to attend select pre-camp staff orientation and SIT training.
  • Placed in an assigned role for the duration of the summer.
  • Scheduled to eat lunch with their assigned group/program area.
  • Required to participate in leadership training workshops throughout the summer.
  • Evaluated by the Head Counselor or Pool Supervisor, as well as by the overseer of the SIT program.
  • Required to participate in a post-camp exit interview.
  • Provided with a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the camp season.