Senior Camp

Entering 4th through 9th Grades

Campers in our Senior Camp program enjoy a fresh array of exciting activities, electives and special events designed just for them.

Senior Campers take pride in having their own identity within camp – recognized with special t-shirts, unique traditions and separate facilities including their own fields, project centers, and buffet dining area. Senior Camp combines the best elements of our traditional program with a spectacular array of activities and choices that enable our oldest campers to “build their own day.” Each week, they choose from a different set of activities, so that they can explore potential interests and build proficiency in favorite areas.

Senior Campers customize the second half of their days with Sports Intensives, our renowned Drama program, Spy Academy, Adventure & Ropes, Guardstart Lifeguarding Skills, Robotics, Tennis, Songwriting, Fencing, Trick Photography, Red Cross Babysitting (complete with certification), Animation, Magic & Juggling, Candle-making, Clothing Design, Comedic Improv, Video Game Creation and much, much, MUCH more!

To cap it off, Senior Campers participate in optional off-site trips, a late-night at Mohawk (complete with campfire and s’mores), M’Olympics, an annual off-season reunion and the chance to participate in a one-week sleepaway program at a nearby resident camp.



We are excited that campers seeking a more intensive sports experience can now create their own separate Half or Full Day Camp-within-a-Camp…and still, enjoy everything Mohawk has to offer!

SportsPath provides campers entering 2nd-8th grade a first-class sports immersion experience unique in the world of day camping. With extended periods and focused instruction by elite coaches, Mohawk SportsPath provides concentrated training for those who love sports – from novices to accomplished athletes. SportsPath Electives include Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Swim, Hockey, Flag Football and Tennis. Click Here for More!

Options and Electives

When campers enter Senior Camp, they customize half of each day as they select hour-long Option and Elective Clubs. These choices change weekly so campers can both explore and specialize. Senior Campers play golf with an option to visit a driving range, become stars of their own Rock Videos and join Multi-sport Leagues.

Sample Elective Choices

Senior Camp Photos