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Mohawk Day Camp is a day camp like no other – uniquely focused on delivering amazing camper experiences. We offer dynamic programming in state of the art facilities, situated on 40 beautiful acres in White Plains, NY., and serve families in lower Westchester County, New York City and areas of Connecticut. Celebrating our 90th summer, we have several leadership positions available as we continue to grow and expand our year-round team. If you have a passion for excellence, are hardworking, possess excellent communication skills and want to grow as a summer camp professional, then we would love to hear from you!

Summer Positions (June 29 – August 21, 2020, except Friday, July 3rd)

Why Join Our Staff?
As part of the Mohawk Team, you will:
• Have an impact on children’s lives
• Gain valuable leadership & work experience
• Learn new skills
• Make new friends
• Develop imagination and creativity
• Swim, play sports and games, and have fun every day!

Roundtrip air-conditioned transportation is available from various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Earn extra money as a bus counselor, caring for our campers on the way to and from camp. 

Camp Philosophy
Camp can have an enormous positive impact on children. Mohawk strives to create an environment where children feel physically and emotionally safe, and where they can develop socially, physically and creatively. Our staff act as leaders, mentors, and friends. We teach skills in a gentle, supportive way and emphasize values such as concern for others, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Mohawk hires staff members who are patient, understanding, motivated, energetic and believe in putting the needs of kids first!

Staff Activities
Mohawk offers a great opportunity for staff members to meet, work and socialize with each other. A hot lunch and salad bar are provided every day, and staff eats in shifts, separate from campers. After hours, staff activities include coed inter-camp softball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, etc.

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What kinds of jobs are available at Mohawk?

Each camp group is led by a Head Counselor (typically a teacher). Head Counselors help children adjust to camp, act as liaisons with parents and directors, organize and implement activities, and train and supervise their General Counselors.

General Counselors work with one camp group all summer and individually supervise a subgroup within that group. General Counselors lead and coach activities, mentor children for success, encourage campers in resolving conflict and help their group evolve into a cohesive and spirited unit.

Activity Specialists (tennis, arts, dance, farm, etc.) work alone or in teams led by a Head Specialist, who is assisted by Assistant Specialists. Specialists organize and teach activities in their area of expertise.

Swim Supervisors implement instructional swim and must be WSI certified. They supervise the swim crew (lifeguards) and General Counselors in the pools. Regular Swim Staff lifeguard, teach swim, lead pool games, and activities, and help ensure every child’s safety in the pool. They must be LGT certified.

What are the important dates of which I need to be aware?

2020 Season: Monday, June 29 through Friday, August 21.

Camp will be closed on Friday, July 3rd for the Independence Day Holiday.

The hours for staff members are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM.

All staff must be available for the full season; your attendance is required every day. Consistency and continuity with their counselors are crucial to our campers’ security, learning, and enjoyment!

In addition, Mohawk holds a series of mandatory pre-season Orientation meetings in mid-to-late June, including two full-day training sessions prior to camp opening. Transportation staff, swim staff, and certain activity staff will have added required orientations.

Counselors in older camp groups may be asked to stay late or stay over for camper overnights 1-2 evenings during the season. For some, there is an opportunity to be part of our week-long sleepaway program for additional pay.

Do I have to be there every day?

We seek employees that are able to make a full-season commitment, but there are a limited number of positions for employees requiring an early departure due to college commitments. Consistency and continuity with our staff are crucial to our campers’ security, learning, and enjoyment!

Can I bring my lunch?

No one is permitted to bring in food or drinks, with the exception of water (which is also provided throughout camp). Mohawk provides a hot lunch, cold lunch options, and salad bar for staff, as well as snacks, each day.

We have campers and staff with severe, often life-threatening, food allergies, and Mohawk takes strong precautions not to expose anyone to products that might be harmful to them. Bringing in outside food and drink (including on the camp bus) may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Please contact a Director before camp if you have medical, religious or other dietary restrictions

Is there time off during the day?

Yes. Every staff member has a lunch break each day, and there is a designated staff dining area separate from campers. Group Counselors eat in shifts, with some serving lunch to campers while others eat, then vice versa. Specialists and swim staff also eat in shifts, ensuring that there is coverage at their activity area at all times.

You must take your time off in designated areas – visiting parents can’t distinguish between staff with valid time off and staff who should be supervising children!

Do I have to swim? Do I have to teach swim?

If you are a General Counselor, yes! General Counselors are in the water, helping teach swim to their campers (assisting the Swim Staff), twice daily. Since swim lessons are coordinated and taught by Mohawk’s top-notch swim staff, you don’t need to be certified as a lifeguard to teach swim at Mohawk. An important part of your pre-camp Orientation is training from our fantastic Swim Staff, so we have you covered!